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The Course, that helped me a lot:
so in this video, im gonna talk about, why it is really important to read a lot of books, benefits of reading
im also talking about all the benfits of reading. lets start with a very famous qoute of jim rohn:
“you are the average of the five people you spend time with” so in other words or as an example, if you only hang out with people, that are eating junk food all day and dont care about their job, business etc. you maybe become also like them. you adapt their behaviour in a lot of situations. but its not only like you only adapt negative behaviours, its the same with positive behaviours, if your freidns love reading, hitting the gym, working on their business or love their jobs etc, it will have a positve influence on yo, you become the sixt positive and energyloaded person, that loves life and starts getting productive. its the same thing with for example traditions or culture, you also learned all this stuff, from the people that surround you, right ? right !! importance of reading why is reading important

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