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so guys, i have to warn you, if you are sensitive if it comes to stuff like psychological manipulation etc. this is maybe not your video, also never use this stuff to do something bad
so everyone is talking about this friendzone stuff etc. and you are probably watching this video, because you like to know
dude, am i in the friendzone ?
congratulations, you probably are !
you are probably in the place, where you think you are in, if your crush talks about how smoking hot are all these other guys are.
so are you in the friendzone or does she also feels butterflies in my head.

so first thing you get check out, is
what you are talking about
if you are the person, she turns to, if she wants to talk about problems or if something goes wrong etc. you maybe be in the friendzone, buddy.
if she really likes you as a men, she would try to create something like a mystic element in your relationship
if she really tells you everything, she got problems with, shes maybe not trying to impress you dude.
yes, its a bad sign, right, she sees you as a friend, at this point. to make it even worse, she will probably say something like,
your opinion means so much to me
you are like a older brother to me
next one
like you already guess, if she tells you about other people she likes, its also a really bad bad sign, if she tells you a lot about her classmates etc. and about how cute they are, its a really bad sign. also bad if she asks you again and again for advice to date other guys. or even better if she says something like
all guys are the same i will never find the right one
really. im right in front of you
am i in the friendzone

also a sign you are in the friendzone, is
if you consoling her through a break-up
thats a very clear sign, if you are the one, that appears with a cup of ice cream and some dvds
you are also appearing on her list,
the list of
am i in the friendzone
guys Im in the frienzone with
other one
she has told here entire family about you, and maybe some familymembers have asked, why you havent started a relationsship, and she answers something like, he is only a friend
also funny or strange if you already know her whole family, but never dated her
and other really uncool sign
she tries to set you up with other girls
signs you are in the friendzone
signs you are in the friendzone
she is always telling you about the cute girl, that you would be perfect for
if she really would she you as a potential boyfriend, she would never try to create herself competition etc.
maybe thats her special defense and something like her special way of saying,
dude, direct your romantic feelings elsewhere….not here.
and the last one, you are always ending up doing, what your crush wants to do, if she would like you as something more then a friend, she would care a lot more about you interests
if you always go shopping or ending up doing other stuff she likes, that not the case, she literally doesn´t care. dating advice

so i hope you like my video and would be happy, if you subscribe to my channel and give me a thumb up
and leave the friendzone
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