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Best Male enlargement/lengthening :

so we all know this one guy, that looks like james dean that has this wonderful charisma, becaus eof his body language, even if he says nothing, everyone knows, that he is confident, likes hisself etc. james dean style

so the first important thing, you have to master, if you would like to have this very cool body language, all the cool actors etc. have is to make eye contact.

but not too much. too much eye contact is also bad, like not enough eye contact. if you make too much eye contact, it maybe makes people think, that you are rude or something like that.

so what could be the right balance for eye contact ? as a general rule, you could think of making 30-60% eye contact during the time of a conversation with a person, this will create something like a comfortable and productive atmosphere for everyone involved in the conversation,

also remember to use more eye contact when your are listening, than when you are speaking.

next really important thing, when it come to body language, like you maybe already guess,
use your hands. yes, you can use them even if you are doing nofap.

using your hands will improve your speech dramatical. people, listening to your talk or speech will have the feeling, that the stuff you say, is very meaningful and has a deeper message.

it really keeps the listener engaged. its not always your words, that activates the listener, sometimes its the stuff between the lines. and it looks always better, than having your hands in your pcokets, like a shy elementary school guy.

the way you sit or stand triggers changes in the chemistry in your body. no joke.
if your pose looks open and confident, people also start responding in a better way to your speech etc. if you have the goal to feel more dominant confident in a conversation, you have to take a better pose before the conversation starts. some people say, that you should have to stand like wonder woman stands. or as a guy, like james dean stands.
keep smiling
everybody made this experience, when you smile, people will treat you differently. you will automatically viewed in an other way than before. people will find you more attractive, relaxed, confident etc. but dont smile too often, if you are running around, like a too funny guy, people will think that you are naiv and stuff like that

you also have to stand tall, and dont be afraid to take up the space, you need. keep your shoulders back and your head high. these are the basics, i know. but the basics are really important. but sometimes you are not stand, you are sitting, what to do in this case ?
try to put both feet flat on the floor, also widening your arms away from your body, or try to hooking one elbow on the back of your chair.
hope you like this video and tips with body language to attract women, and that you learned, how to attract women with body language
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ohh no where this pain comes from ?
so after a long period of nofap some guys experience the so called blue balls,
what are blue balls and how to get rid of them ?

blue balls, there is also a special word for them. they are also called epididimal hypertension
and like i already said, you can get them because of not ejaculating, like for example nofap fapstronauts.

so in other words, they happen, when nothing happens. but dont worry too much about them, they are nothing like a disease or something, they are just temporary pain, that sets in, if you are “loaded” fot too long.
its like building a sneeze up, that never happens in the end.
the only way to get rid of them, is ejaculating.
“but im doing nofap”
“than have sex”

if thats not an option for you but you really like to get your thoughts of this stuff, take a cold shower or go out for a walk etc.

when you are physically turned on, than blood flows to your cock, thats what gives you an erection, but blood flows also to your testicles, causing them to swell, if you doesnt ejaculate, pressure builds up and you sensitive balls feel the brunt of it.

but why blue balls ?

Dr. Kashanian , “The color blue seems to have originated from an idea that the scrotum may appear to have a bluish tinge after a prolonged period of sexual arousal,
although this has never been substantiated in medical literature. The term could just as easily represent the feeling of the testes feeling bruised, or ‘black and blue.’”

are blue balls only a mens problem or can women also be affected by them ?

like blood flows to a mens penis, when he gets an erection women get also a rush when they become aroused.
when women dont end up, having an orgasm, there is the option, that there may be a tight, cramping feeling going on in there.
which is pretty similar to what a men feels in his testicles under the same cirumstances. this feeling can last up to 20 minutes after the failed orgasm but resolves itself.
so this was my short video about blue balls and how you are able to get rid of them, would be happy, if you subscribe to my channel ,see you in the next video, bye
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Hey guys, i already talked about the benefits of nofap in other videos, but beside advantages like, less social anxiety and beeing more confident and many many other big advantages, their is also some other thing, a lot of people talking about. they talking about super powers, that nofap will give you. to keep it short, this so called super power is: “sexual transmutation” it means, that you are able to transfer your sexual energy to other forms of expression.

The most famous person ever mentioned this topic is napoleon hill, he mentioned this topic in a chapter in his very famous book “think and grow rich”.

he talks about the fact, that “transmute” is “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another” nofap
Napoleon Hill also said:

“When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

thats it, stop mediocrity and start becoming awesome
this is the keypoint, when it comes to becoming successfull in a lot of situations in life.

like you maybe already know, the thought of sex is one of the biggest stimulants for your mind, it creates that big desire everybody knows, and there is also a big desire for for example power and money. nofap

“When harnessed and redirected along other lines, this motivating force [sex] maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc. which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches.” – Napoleon Hill
If you can get yourself into the state of emotional intensity, that Napoleon Hill talks about, there are a lot of things, you will be:

-More aware of hunches
-“Turned on” by whatever you are working on or thinking about
-More sensitive to stimuli
-Exuberant and expressive
-More energized and inspired
-More driven to take action
But how can you reach that state of mind, Napoleon Hill talks about ?

your mind has to reach a high vibration as a result of a stimulation, you have to feel a very intense desire it has to feel the same like the motivation you have for sex.
your mind will reach a unknown level of awarness. and also reach a expanded state of consciousness, that will give you access to knowledge, you would not have while your reality thinking. think about the fact, that when you focus all your passion and sexual energy and on a person you like., your mind works really well.
thats the same case. when you transmute that passion and energy into your work or business etc.
you have to stimulate your mind by thinking of passionate sex for example, you will reach a high awarness level and will stop present problems etc.
so i hope you liked the video, would be happy if you subscribe me, see you in the next video bye
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How Nofap helps with SOCIAL ANXIETY

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How Nofap helps with SOCIAL ANXIETY

so in this video Im gonna talk about whats the relation of nofap and social anxiety and how they are linked to each other. how is it able, that something like not watching porn and not fapping has a relation to something like social anxiety ?

so the first keyword, i have to name is like i already metioned in some previous videos, the so called dopamine.
its something in your body, that gives you this high-feeling when you achieve something good.
you get it after winning a football game or after hitting the gym every day you promised yourself for example.

sooo where is the damn problem with getting a dopamine high because of jacking on videos ?
the main problem is, that the dopamin raises to levels you will get if you are taking drugs with the difference, that there is literally no overdose of fapping.
that leads to the fact, that your brain reduces your dopamin receptors and dopamin levels.

sooo and where is the connection to social anxiety here ?
as result of low dopaminlevels, you could get some bad stuff, like for example a lack of motivation or depression or like you maybe already guess, social anxiety.
low dopamin levels are also linked with high levels of prolactin and thats one of the main reasons for social anxiety. but, it gets even worse, it also leads to lower testosterone levels.
all this components are a very strong combination of things, that increase your social anxiety very bad.

so in other words, the overdose of porn and fapping leads to low dopamine in the long run. low dopamine directly leads to social anxiety. and also indirectly troght the high prolactin, the low dopamin produces.
a other reason, why fapping leads to social anxiety is, that you maybe dont want to get the small dopamine high of meeting other people or the dopamine high of going to the gym anymore, because you can get a much bigger dopamine high by just clicking trought the web for some minutes. nofap

you will get lazy and just want to have your shot of dopamine by literally doing nothing.
so keep going and start to get your natural dopamine highs back.
dont become a fapping addicted. NOFAP

btw. you will also become better if it comes to social skills, everytime you socialize. and you will start socializing naturally, once you are starting nofap, because your body knows, that there is no shortcut anymore to get the dopamine high . you have to achieve real things now and cant get this fake overdosed high anymore. it maybe feels akward at first, but like everything, it starts to become normal, after some practise. so dont worry, just give no fap a try, you have nothing to loose, if you like, subscribe my channel and check out my other videos. see you in the next video, bye.

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NoFap: Avoid Relapse BEST TIPS

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NoFap: Avoid Relapse BEST TIPS

so a lot of preople doing nofap, are afraid of the relapse. so what are the best tips to avoid a relapse ?

try to be busy, to get your focus on an other topic, try to learn for school or go to the gym or do any other hobby you have, it doesnt matter. the only important thing is, that you do something.
even if you are only going out for a walk and let your thoughts flow trought your brain. everything is better than sitting in your room and thinking about a relapse and thinking about how hard it is to stay on track and avoid that damn relapse. it might seem very hard the first time you try to disturb this thoughts about relapse, but it will definetly work after some practise.
you know, that it helps you in the long run, to be strong in this situation.

take a could shower, a lot of you will already know all the benfits of a cold shower, especially in situations like this. they will stop your overthinking and give you a much clearer mind.
but the by far most important benefit is, that you will train to get outside your comfortzone. it will help you, to stay strong instead of starting a relapse. push your willpower level to the next level. by creating a bigger comfortzone. you fear the cold, like you fear nofap in hard situations but you will get used to. the cold shower shock will help you to set your focus on other stuff like the thoughts about a relapse. you will literally interupt this damn thoughts.

next one. think about the benefits. or in other words, remember, why you started. look at all this benefits you got because of nofap and think about how bad it would be to throw all this good stuff dont wnat to start at they zero.

stop coutning the days. if you are counting the days. you focus your brain on something you would like to avoid, better focus your brain on something you like. so better frame your mind on something like….
you are above that and dont need to fap…..
instead of counting the days of something you think you have to do.
just implement that mindset of
i dont need to do this, im a guy that does nofap normally.

its like always, its alot about the mindset.
just make it a lifestyle.

but after that, always relaize, sometimes it is part of the journey to fail, stop judging yourself, if it happens. its like you try to stop an addication you have. not everything will directly work on the first try. you will get better and better, if it
you also have to know, that Porn addicts have a very similar brain activity like for example alcoholics.

less socialmedia, some people maybe not notice, but in the normal web, especially on social media are also a lot of sexual triggers. stop sitting in your bed and watching sexy instapics for example, it will create the wrong thoughts, like watching porn.
so better try to watch things that are more neutral, like tv news or some other family friendly stuff on tv. No fap relapsing, Nofap relapsing, Nofap tips, No fap tips, nofap hacks, Nofap relapse
so i hope you like my video, please subscribe and give me a thumb up
see you in the next video bye.

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So in this video, im showing you some tinder tips or in other words, swipe right for a right night.

so at first you have to optimize your tinder profile for more matches, it may sounds really simple, but you have to make a good first impression and the first thing the other person sees, is you profile with the pictures and the bio text etc.
your first profil picture is the only thing, a potential date will see, when swiping trought the tinder world. only if they click your picture, they will see stuff like other pictures or your bio.
they will judge you based on your first picture, so use it for your benefit.
you have to optimize your profil, so that the best picture of you, shows up first. but it can be very difficult to choose the “best” picture. thats why you have to do some research.
write the number of matches you currently have down. change nothing on your profile than your first picture. then swipe right to maybe 20 people. wait for one or two days, then look how many matches you got. then continue this process with up to 3 or 5 pictures and you will see, which one gets the most response or in other words the most matches, this will be your first picture from now on, dont be afraid to try it with pictures that are really different, like a selfie pic, a pic while doing your hobby etc. but dont take any group pictures, it should be totally clear, that its your account. nobody likes to guess for some minutes, which ones account it is.
next tip: your tinder bio

a lot of people not using the tinder bio, cause they are thinking, that it is not that important, but like you maybe guess, it is, but be aware of only putting stuff in their, you dont want. better focus on what you want on a partner etc.
maybe write a funny quote about a sport you like in the bio, it shows that you have humour and hobbies, not that bad signal, i think.

the first message should be more than the average “hi”

the first message should stand out, yes you have to message first as a guy, the ratio of girls that message first is really small.
write something like: “could we maybe tell or kids, that we met in the park ?”.
or some other sentence with a lot of humour.
or if you are not that comedy guy, ask something about the content of her bio or something about her picures.
dont stay in the tinder chat:

girls get a lot of tinder messages every day. but not that much of whatsappmessages every day, so try as fast a s possible, to move to whatsapp or facebook.
Move The Conversation Off Tinder Quickly. but dont tell her something like she should give you her number, better tell her something like, lets chat on whatsapp.

try to get a date:

after chatting with her for some days. on whatsapp about everything like hobbies and other stuff, you have to ask for a date. to check if she is maybe also interested in sex, just make sometimes some jokes, related to sex, you will see how she responds, if she says something positve, like she is also making a joke, thats a good sign, if she is telling you something like that you only want the one thing and that all guys are the same, she is maybe not the one, that wants to have some fun after a tinder match. maybe try to get a date in the evening, cause the atmosphere for sex is much better then.

hope you liked these tips and would be happy if you subscribe me and give me a thumb up. see ya in the next video, bye.

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The Law of Attraction explained on Conor McGregor

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The Course, that helped me a lot:

The Law of Attraction explained on Conor McGregor
so your whole life is full of situations, that are all linked to influences, if they are positive and if they are negative. the important thing is, that you have to choose whisely, when it comes to where you should set the focus on.

Conor McGregor optimized everything that sorrounds him, every influence to have a higher chance to succeed

Conor McGregor said, that he always visualised good things, like: victory success and abundance

you have to reduce the contact with things, people, events etc. that are not positive and surround yourself with postiveminded persons

like a lot of you already know, you are a product of the people surrounding you, a product of your complete enviroment

The Law of Attraction gives you the abilitay to choose, which way you would like to follow, which future you would like to create.

attract more positive events to your life, by simply thinking more positive
start recognizing your own thoughts, start to bring awarness in to your life. also remove negative thoughts out of your brain.

start to visualize your dreams as strong, as they are already reality the have to be as clear as the reality, thats when The Law of Attraction sets in.
but never forget to be grateful for everything you already have
implement a abundance mindset to your life. there is enough of everything for you in life.

but it is not only about vizualising its is also about working on your dreams, but the step of vizualisng helps you to see your dreams goals etc. much clearer in the moment. but the most important thing, is to take constantely action or in the words of Wallace D. Wattles:
“Do, every day, ALL that can be done that day.”

if your realize that because of vizualising your goals, every step of work feels effortless, you will understand, how easy it might seem to reach big goals and have fun while doing it.
yes, it is really about doing the work, bu the good thing is, that you not always to push yourself to do the work, its more like you will get pulled to. like i said, work becomes effortless. you will always stay on the path, because of you clear picture of the future, that shows you the way, everytime you dont know, where you have to go next, everytime, you dont know, whats the next step on your way.
thats the law of attraction. i hope you like my video about this topic, and would be happy, if you would subscribe me. see you in the next video. bye.
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The Law of Attraction explained on Conor McGregor

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