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We all know that moment when a girl says “I’m fine” or something that doesn’t sound like what it should mean. Here are 15 deadly terms all guys must know.
I’ll be honest, us ladies aren’t very good at saying what we feel. We can talk for days and days about our issues or how someone else is feeling, but we just aren’t the best at coming out and saying what we really feel – especially when we’re a little crabby at something you’ve done.

As I’m sure you already know, girls have a habit of saying innocent phrases that mean something completely different. Have you ever had a girl say, “I’m fine,” only to get a huge freak out later. Because she was not fine.

When a girl says I’m fine – Why don’t women just say what they feel

There are a lot of reasons we don’t just come out and say what we feel. Even if it would be so much easier – and we know it would be easier – we still shy away from letting it all out.

First, it’s really hard to express your feeling and be vulnerable around someone. It’s also difficult to confess when we’re upset about something we know we shouldn’t be.

There are other times when we just think you should know that what you’re doing or saying is something that would upset us. So, we keep it inside because it gets tiring to keep repeating the things we don’t like. We also fear being judged for feeling a certain way:

Here are some deadly terms used by women

Yes, there are such terms in existence. The terms women use in place of actual feelings can be dangerous if you overlook them. Sometimes, if you don’t react in a certain way or get to the bottom of why we’re upset, you can make things much, much worse.

Therefore, you should learn to recognize when your girl just isn’t happy at all. These are the terms we tend to use when we mean something completely different. Memorize these deadly terms used by women, and you’ll be able to tell just how your girl is feeling.

#1 I’m fine. As I already mentioned before, this phrase is one of the worst deadly terms used by women to ever hear your girl say. Why? Because it does NOT mean she’s fine at all. In fact, it means the opposite. If you ask if your woman is okay and she responds with this, you better do some backtracking. She’s not fine.

#2 Whatever. I think this is more of a universal phrase than just one women use, but we’re definitely the ones to use it the most. You just have to pay attention to the way us women say this.

Sometimes “whatever” means just that. But if it’s said in a much different tone, it does NOT mean “whatever.” You better ask what’s wrong.

#3 I don’t care. This is another term you have to really read into your girl’s body language and tone. If she seems tense and won’t make eye contact, she definitely does care. She’s basically just too embarrassed or upset to tell you that she does. So, give her the chance to open up.

#4 Do what you want. This is probably one of the most dangerous phrases for your girl to say. She will literally never mean for you to do what you want. If you’re suggesting something that you think she may be iffy about and you hear her say this, she is extremely pissed at what you want to do.

#5 Nothing. This never means nothing. Often, when you ask your girlfriend if something is wrong and she says “nothing,” it’s usually because she thinks you should just know what’s wrong. But you never do. And therefore, she will say nothing when she means everything.

#6 Go ahead. Ah, another one of the terrifying deadly terms used by women that you should definitely be cautious of. If you ask your girlfriend to do something and she said “go ahead,” DO NOT GO AHEAD. It literally means that you should re-think that, and then don’t do it. This is not a happy phrase at all.

#7 Don’t worry about it. Now, this may seem like a really innocent and simple phrase. People say this all the time. But it’s all about the situation when she says it. Did you just do something wrong and are apologizing? If it was a serious argument, you should definitely not take this phrase literally. Worry about it. Believe me.

#8 Leave me alone. During an argument, this phrase will get thrown around over and over again. And guess what? She doesn’t mean it. While guys may actually want to be left alone when they’re mad, girls want the opposite. We want you to try to fix it and to keep talking to us about it.

#9 You don’t have to ask permission. Yes. Yes, you do have to ask permission. This is a lesser-known deadly term used by women, but it’s still dangerous. There are certain times you have to check in with your girl and ask permission about certain things.

If she says this in a sassy tone, it means you definitely were right to ask her. And maybe you shouldn’t do it.

#10 What’s done is done. This may also seem like a normal phrase, but what she really means by this is “you better fix what’s done.” She really isn’t happy with what has happened, and it may take a long time to get over if she says this.

#11 Good luck. This is one of the very dangerous deadly terms used by women for two reasons. The first, she may be mad and tell you this if you think she’ll forgive you soon. Another way this is dangerous is if it’s flirty. If she says this while you’re joking about winning her over, it just means she’ll be playing hard to get.

#12 I guess. This extremely vague term is not one you really want to hear come out of your girl’s mouth. Usually it means she’s agreeing with you, but she doesn’t want to do so. And if you’re smart, you’ll figure out a way to make her more happy to agree.

#13 Wow! This is the mother of all deadly terms used by women. Hearing this should basically make you think, “oh shit,” because you’re about to enter into an argument you will most definitely not win.

#14 Wonderful. This is something us girls use in a very sarcastic way. Usually it’s accompanied with an eye roll. You don’t want to hear this because it means she’s really not happy about something. The trouble is that if she says this and her voice is absolutely not good, she’s making it painfully obvious to you.

#15 Mhmm. I know this isn’t exactly a word, but it works in the same way. This is another super obvious thing that a girl does to show you she is NOT happy about something. She’ll lower her voice and go, “mhmm,” if you’ve asked for approval and she does NOT want to give it. Be warned. Anything with this is not going down a good path.
Wouldn’t the world be a much easier place to live in if women just said what they were thinking? I agree… even though I am a woman. But knowing these deadly terms used by women will help you determine just what she’s feeling.
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Does Your Wife Loves You ?

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Does Your Wife Loves You ?

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If you wonder, does my wife love me, I am sad that you must ask. Relationships are hard and can be miserable if you don’t know where you stand.
I am Does Your Wife Loves You going to tell you something that I, and millions of people around the world already know, relationships suck. They can be either the most fulfilling or most destructive things. Sometimes alternating from day to day. But, if you ask, does my wife love me or not, then there is some serious mistrust in your partnership that only you can figure out.
When Does Your Wife Loves You you marry someone, there is an assumption that you love one another. But, throw in some hardships, resentment, growing apart, and changing on both parts, and what you find is marriages get off track pretty quickly. The bad news is that I don’t know you and I can’t answer, does my wife love me still or not, for you. But I can help you along the way.

Does my wife love me? 17 signs she still loves your ass

There are Does Your Wife Loves You universal signs that no matter how far things have gone with the two of you or whatever ugly things have been done or said, that gives you the answer about whether she still has love in her heart for you.

#1 Things just get done. If you notice that your socks magically make their way from the floor to the washing machine and that your favorite shorts and shirt are always washed and back in your dresser, that is one of the ways your wife answers, does my wife love me. Although it might seem like a duty and something obligatory to you, it isn’t. She does it because she loves you.

#2 She says Does Your Wife Loves You favorable things about you. Whether you are around or not, she has nothing but favorable things to say about who you are and all the things you do for her. Sure, there are going to be times when she bitches about you to her friends, but that is human nature.

We all vent about the things that upset us. If she can’t say how talented or smart you are enough, then that means she admires and loves who you are.

#3 She forgives you. Even when you snap at her or get pissed and yell at her, she doesn’t do much but brush it off and forgive you. If she understands that we all lose our temper and forgives even if you haven’t asked to be forgiven, then that is a good sign that she loves you.

#4 Your needs Does Your Wife Loves You are all met. If you look around and all your emotional and physical needs are met, that indicates your wife’s love for you. Most of the time we take for granted that people fulfill our needs because we don’t recognize it.

If you stop to notice you want for nothing from her because she just gives without being asked. Doing for people who don’t have to ask is a sign of love.

#5 She is on your side. If you were being a jackass at a party and made someone mad and she is still on your side, it is a good indication she loves you. Supporting someone means both when they are right and sometimes when they aren’t so right. If she doesn’t care about what other people think, and she takes your side almost all the time, then you have it pretty awesome.

#6 She finds Does Your Wife Loves You ways to make you happy. If you get your favorite dinner slaved over for no reason at all, or she buys you a pair of shoes because she notices that yours are getting a little shabby, that isn’t mothering, that is love. Women nurture. The way that we show love for those in our lives is by looking for what they need and trying to fulfill those needs.

#7 When you need her she puts her anger aside. Even if you just had an epic battle, but something bad happens in your life, and she comes to your side without hesitation. That is a way that she says, “I love you.” Love always trumps anger. If you really need her, and she puts her own feelings and hurt aside to be by your side, that screams LOVE.

#8 Her threats are always empty. She might tell you that she is done about a hundred times, but where is she? If she is still in your bed at night, trying to make things right, or reaching out to you, take her hand and repair things. If she hasn’t given up yet, that means she doesn’t want to because she still loves you.

#9 She nags you about your health. Nagging is so irritating, isn’t it? Women nag not to make our husbands angry but to create change in them. If she gets on to you about how hard you work or that you smoke, she isn’t doing it for herself.

Nagging is a form of trying to get the guys we love to take better care of themselves. We want them around for longer and by our sides for years to come.

#10 She takes shit from your family. If your mother and father can’t do anything but throw out passive aggressive comments, and she just takes it without snapping back, why do you think she does that? Even if you get shit from her for it, if she didn’t love you she would probably tell them to f*ck off.

She doesn’t do that because she loves you. She doesn’t want to create a rift between you and your family. So, she sucks it up and just lets them walk all over her.

#11 She sacrifices herself for your needs. If you come first in her mind, then what else could drive that? No, she didn’t want to up and move for your promotion. No, she probably didn’t want to go to the horror movie you wanted. She sacrifices for your needs because that is what people in love do.

#12 She trusts and believes in you even if you don’t always deserve it. If she lets you keep your own bank accounts or social media accounts, without ever checking up on you, that is a sign of love. It might seem like your right to have your own stuff, but she doesn’t keep things from you.

She takes a huge risk that you aren’t doing something malicious behind her back. That kind of trust really says, “I love you.” Even if you think it is your right and no big deal, it is.

#13 When you say mean things she still cares. If you tell her mean things in the heat of the moment, but she still cares for you and doesn’t hold onto it like a backpack. That is the kind of forgiveness not only difficult to give, but only borne out of love.

#14 She takes care of you and worries about you when you are hurt or sick. No, not all women want to take care of their sick husbands. If you act like a baby or even pretend you don’t need her, and she still runs around getting you medicine and tending to your needs, then she loves you.

#15 She depends on you for her physical and emotional needs. Although it might drive you nuts that she bounces everything off of you, she does that because she wants you to be a team. A partnership is about love and doing things together. Try not to be too irritated and see that it isn’t neediness. It is what a couple who loves each other does. They rely on one another.

#16 She asks you so many questions it drives you crazy. If she asks you a thousand questions a day like what you have been up to, how you feel about her, or what she can do to help, she isn’t doing it to make you crazy.

While men hate questions, women ask them because they want to be reassured that they are what you want them to be. You know why? Because when we love someone we care too much.

#17 When she loses her temper and says nasty things she still apologizes. Sometimes life feels like an endless roller coaster of fighting. If you are in a fight zone all the time, it is reasonable to ask, does my wife love me.

Even if you can’t stop fighting, if she still comes back to say “I’m sorry,” then she does love you. You are just two hot heads that can’t seem to cool it.

Women aren’t the easiest creatures in the world to deal with, this I know. When marriage gets rough, and you can’t seem to stop the fighting and hurt, there come times when you question, does my wife love me still?

I don’t know your wife and I don’t know you. But, if you are both still together and trying, that is a sign she isn’t ready to let go just yet. Despite it all, she loves you. You have to change your behaviors for love to grow and nurture, but love doesn’t just go away.

If she is still there, then stop worrying about if she loves you. Instead, do things to foster the love that she has for you.
If you don’t have any of the above signs when considering does my wife love me, it might be time to reevaluate what is going on in your relationship. Is it a good idea to continue to try or is the magic gone?

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Why Girls Like Bad Boys ???

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Why Girls Like Bad Boys ???
To a nice guy it doesn’t seem fair. You are respectful in love, but the bad boy seemingly swoops in and leaves you wondering, why do girls like bad boys?
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Women are raised to be polite, sit still, and be nice. That is what society tells us to be, so usually, with a few exceptions, that why do girls like bad boys is what we are. Envying rebellion, but not fitting in if we choose that route, a guy who can put his middle finger up at the establishment is just about the hottest thing we can imagine. And it is the key ingredient to answer, why do girls like bad boys?
Why do girls like bad boys? 8 things that drive women wild about wild guys

A little bit of sadism, a pinch of envy, and some savior complex to save the bad boy, for some women, the men who can’t be tamed are about the hottest things ever. There is something about winning someone why do girls like bad boys over, especially for women, that is highly attractive. Like domesticating a wild beast, if you catch and control the bad boy, that is truly something of an accomplishment.

The reasons girls like bad boys vary from one girl to the next. But, typically the attraction stems from their upbringing and how they were raised. Looking to be something more exciting, appealing, or downright rebellious by having encouragement, why do girls like bad boys a bad boy pushes girls to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Making them feel more alive than ever before.

#1 They are mysterious. Girls like a little intrigue. Boys, please don’t take this personally, but you don’t usually have much depth. What you see is what you get. Not super complex, when a guy has a bad guy persona, it makes us think there is something they hold onto that we just have to unravel.

We don’t like secrets unless they are shared, so we crave to know it all. For the mysterious man, about a hundred why do girls like bad boys girls look to win their way to his confidante.

#2 They are great revenge. What does a controlling set of parents hate more than a rebellious daughter? The why do girls like bad boys guy who takes their obedient one and turns her into a rebel.

For the girl who always followed what they were told, took the path most traveled, and done things to please everyone, the bad guy represents breaking free and time to be who they want, instead of what everyone else wants them to be.

#3 They are a rebel without a cause. I am just going to say it. I will take responsibility that perhaps I am why do girls like bad boys the only one who feels this way, but guys who whine about “causes” and “issues” are, well, irritating.

It isn’t that I don’t want a guy who is committed, and I am okay with him picketing. I would much rather why do girls like bad boys have the guy who takes a stand against the injustices in his own life than a guy who is out to save the world.

Again, just me, but I like a rebel without a cause. Because then I don’t have to be involved or listen their incessant whining.

#4 They appear to be powerful. What is more powerful than someone who doesn’t obey authority and doesn’t think the rules apply to them? The bad boy takes on anyone who f*cks with them, takes down the bully, and anyone who stands in their way. If that doesn’t exude testosterone, I don’t know what does.

A man who is ready, willing, and looking forward to fighting for you, is very attractive.

#5 They aren’t out to impress. A woman is almost always judged by the way that she looks rather than what is on the inside. So, we spend a lot of time worrying about how we appear or what people think of us.

Bad boys are an anomaly that we don’t understand but admire at the same time. We are baffled by their ability to brush off norms, expectations, and any type of criticism. Wow, what a freeing feeling. Just being with them makes us feel just a little free to be more us.

#6 They push us to be adventurous. Inside each of us is that voice that tells us that things aren’t a good idea. That voice is a little more boisterous in women. Bad boys allow us to turn off that compass for just a little while and throw caution to the wind.

They excite our insensibilities to do things that we certainly wouldn’t do on our own. Even if they convince us to do things that aren’t very good for us, it is better than walking the same straight line forever. Getting out of order is super exciting for someone who never attempted it.

#7 We like a challenge. Why do girls like bad boys? Honestly, because they are such a challenge. Sure, being married to a bad guy isn’t much fun and something to be avoided. But dating a bad boy challenges a girl. The bad boy makes us question why we do what we do and which side of the tracks we want to walk.

In the end, we almost always choose our natural path. A bad guy makes us think about whether we do what we are because we want to or because someone else wants us to.

#8 The genders were truly created to be hunters and gatherers. Bad boys have all the characteristics necessary to keep the world populated. If the world went to shit, and it was eat or be eaten, who do you think is going to survive, the nice guy or the bad boy?

There are innate drives that the sexes have that are instinctual, and looking for a mate who hunts and brings home the bacon through pure survival skills is something that even modern day can’t override. The manlier, the more attractive.

Not many bad boys left, the ones that stay uncultured attract the primal needs of some women.

I know it is totally frustrating. You like this girl, and you treat her like a queen, but instead of choosing you, she chooses the asshole who doesn’t care about her, won’t open a door for her, and will probably cheat on her. It hardly seems fair.

The good news is that although most girls walk on the dark side for a while, when ready to fall, and fall hard, it is the nice guy who wins the girl. So, set aside the question why do girls like bad boys, and be who you are.

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Why She’s Cheating On You ? (16 Signs)

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Why She’s Cheating On You ? (16 Signs)
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Wondering why do women cheat? Here are 16 reasons why it might be that your woman has gone astray looking for she’s cheating something you thought you provided her.
Being cheated on is a confusing and upsetting time. It might make you wonder why do women cheat, especially if you signs she is cheating think you are in a loving and stable relationship only to find out your woman cheated on you. It she’s cheating is a huge shock and leaves you wondering what happened and whether you can possibly come back from this as a couple.

Of course, typically signs she is cheating when she’s cheating people talk about cheating, they often do so in the context of the man cheating on the woman. However, when it comes to the reverse situation, many men can’t fathom the idea that their woman strayed. They find it difficult to understand why it happened in the first place.

Why do women cheat?

Maybe you’re in a relationship and were just told you had been cheated on or you suspect as much. signs she is cheating Perhaps, you were cheated on in the past and still don’t fully understand the reasons why. Or maybe, you are a woman thinking about cheating and want to know why other women have cheated in the past… or you could just be curious!

There are so many reasons that cause a relationship to become unhappy and unstable, and therefore, many reasons to answer why do women cheat on their partner. These 16 reasons are why cheating happens to you.

#1 She feels undervalued. Women want to feel appreciated, and if she feels you don’t value her or your relationship, she may look elsewhere. She wants to know her efforts don’t go unnoticed. If you don’t see it, she might stray.
#2 You mistreat her. If you aren’t treating your woman right then it’s more likely she will cheat on you. Relationships should be full of respect and affection. If you are cruel to her or treat her badly, it’s no wonder she searches for better things.

#3 Exploring other options. It might be that she simply tests the waters. While that’s no excuse, if your relationship hasn’t been going well, she might see what else is out there. If she thinks she can do a bit better than you, perhaps she looks for who else she can get. Pretty cruel, but certainly something to watch out for.

#4 She’s no longer in love. If she fell out of love with you then there isn’t much hope for your relationship. Without the love, she cares less about your feelings and far more inclined to go out there and do the dirty on you. It’s sad but unfortunately true!

#5 She’s angry. Have you had a massive fight recently? Or perhaps you always bicker and don’t seem to be getting on at all of late. If you both struggle to see eye to eye or keep having these massive blazing rows, her emotions may get the better of her. It might just be a one-time thing, but if you made her super angry and she storms out, she could go looking for someone else to comfort her.

#6 She’s not being listened to. Women need to feel as though they are heard. In fact, we all do, don’t we? If you keep dismissing her or acting as though her opinions or say isn’t valid or interesting she will get pretty mad. If she feels you aren’t listening to her or taking her seriously she may take her frustration out by hooking up with someone else.

#7 She does it to get your attention. Relationships are hard work. Make sure to make time for the other person so they feel nurtured and loved. If you are always out doing your own thing, you don’t go on dates, you aren’t affectionate, and you don’t bother to pay any attention to her, she finds someone else willing to give her the attention she deserves.

#8 She’s drunk. Okay, while being drunk isn’t a very good excuse for anyone in a relationship to cheat, it does play a big part in answering why do women cheat. If your girlfriend gets really drunk, particularly if coupled with the two of you not getting on so well, it might well be that she gets herself into a bad situation and ends up doing something she regrets.

#9 She’s bored. Is your relationship lively, exciting, and full of fun? As we said, relationships do take work and if you both kind of gave up or just got really lazy, she simply is bored and looking for something to make her life exciting again.

#10 She has no respect for you. In a relationship, a key factor in making it work is mutual respect for one another. If she lost respect for you, cheating on you won’t seem like such a big deal.

#11 You’re not satisfying her sexually. Let’s face it, if your sex life has been a bit of a let-down of late, it might be that she goes hunting for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

#12 You don’t make her feel attractive. It’s important for women to feel like their partners are attracted to them, particularly if they made an effort. If you aren’t displaying signs or telling her she is attractive, she may well cheat with someone who does.

#13 She needs validation. It’s also important to feel validated in a relationship. As a woman, if she doesn’t get that from you, it’s no wonder that she goes looking for it from someone else.

#14 She loves the rush. It might just be that you ended up with a girl who loves to live life on the edge and enjoys the rush, danger, and the excitement of hooking up with other people. Not exactly great in a relationship, but some women simply love the rush.

# 15 She’s doing it for revenge. Have you cheated on her? If you have it is much more likely that your woman cheats on you to get her own back.

#16 She’s fallen for someone else. Finally, your woman cheats simply because she fell for someone else. If this is the case, it looks like it’s time to get out of that relationship as quickly as possible!

Whatever the reason, cheating in a relationship is pretty hard to forgive. It may be that she simply doesn’t care anymore and the relationship is doomed, or you haven’t been treating her well, in which case you need to figure out if you can and if it’s worth trying to fix things.

These reasons answer why do woman cheat. But the bigger question is can you get over it–which is all up to you.

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She Uses Fractionation and Mind Control to Control You ?!

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She Uses Fractionation and Mind Control to Control You ?!
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Is there anything Fractionation To Seduce Women And Use Mind Control worse than a controlling girlfriend? If you can’t poop without asking, it might be time to move along and find freedom.
I am just going to put it fractionation to seduce women out there. Almost all guys think they have a controlling girlfriend. Written in our culture is the fractionation to seduce women notion that men are wild creatures needing to be tamed. Women were sent to tame them. But, that is just folklore for most couples.
There is a difference between a girlfriend’s natural tendency to nurture and care and the need to control. If you feel smothered and can’t seem Fractionation To Seduce Women And Use Mind Control to do anything on your own without her say-so, it might be time to move along.

30 behaviors that scream controlling girlfriend

You can’t be in a relationship that feels more like an obligation. That isn’t any way to live. Regardless if she really fractionation to seduce women controls you or not, if Fractionation To Seduce Women And Use Mind Control it feels wrong, it probably is. I will warn you though, most girls have some controlling tendencies, it is hard-wired into us.

So, before you throw it away, think about if she really controls you Fractionation To Seduce Women And Use Mind Control or you just aren’t ready for a relationship right now. That way you decide to grow up or let it go.

#1 You wouldn’t dare utter the words “guy’s night.” Guy’s night is like a curse word in your relationship. fractionation to seduce women She knows that you will drink too much, swear too much, and be without her too much. That is way too much freedom for you to handle. She does you a favor!

#2 She not only tells you what to wear, but she also lays it out for you on the bed. Not only does she buy your clothes and tell you what to wear, but when you can’t get it right, she resorts to laying things out for you on the bed.

#3 A controlling fractionation to seduce women girlfriend needs to know your whereabouts every second of the day. When you come home, you best know all your actions, because she needs a recount. And she isn’t above checking up just to make sure.

#4 If you talk to another girl you know there will be hell to pay. She has eyes everywhere. So, you know better fractionation to seduce women than to talk to another girl. Like a spy camera, all it takes is for someone to say, “Hey, I saw your boyfriend talking to ___ on Friday” for a huge fight to ensue.

#5 Don’t be yourself, she won’t like that. Your every behavior is monitored and judged by her, so act proper!

#6 She corrects your grammar. Just like a kid, when you say something in improper English, she not only lets you know, she isn’t above correcting you in front of the crowd. Your poor speaking is reflects badly on her.

#7 “Did you brush your teeth today?” and other basic questions are asked. Like you are a two-year-old… She’s just making sure.

#8 She restricts what you can and can’t eat. She’s decided you’re a vegan, don’t you know. You used to love bacon and cheeseburgers now they are off limits.

#9 The controlling girlfriend reteaches you how to fold things out of the laundry. You’re doing it all wrong. There is a right way to do things, and it ain’t your way.

#10 She doesn’t like your BFF and insists you ghost him. If you pay too much attention to your best friend, or any at all, that steals from her. They better be gone from your life.

#11 In fact, let go of all your friends. Every friend is a bad influence. Other boys are such slobs, their bad behavior might rub off on you.

#12 She gives you an allowance. You can’t be trusted to make the right decisions with your money. Instead, she rations it out for you.

#13 You check with her before you make any plans *like any*. She is the one that controls the calendar, so don’t make any plans without checking first.

#14 You best not mention any previous relationships, that is silent treatment worthy. You don’t have a past, remember?

#15 All decisions are funneled through her, like all. Before you answer, you make sure that you ask about anything.

#16 No feet on the coffee table. No shoes in the house, no dogs, no feet on the couch, coasters are mandatory, hang your jacket on the hook, put your shoes in the shoe bin, and for God’s sakes, make sure that you put the salt back where it belongs after you use it.

#17 The only answer that works is “Yes, dear.” Otherwise shit is going to get serious quick.

#18 Even though it is your money, you ask to make major purchases. If you buy anything that costs any more than $50, you better have a good excuse for not clearing it with the banker first.

#19 Holidays are spent with her family, yours no longer exists. Forget your parents. You don’t need them anyway.

#20 First sign of putting on a little weight, and you are ordered off to the gym. She has no problem controlling even your weight. Hit the gym, fatty!

#21 She sets your career goals for you, get on it will you! Bills ain’t going to pay themselves! If you will eventually support her and the kids she has already named, land a sweet job.

#22 You have a joint opinion, and it is hers. There is only one choice to make.

#23 Everything you do she undoes and does the right way—hers. You can’t do anything right, not even a thanks for trying. And, she doesn’t wait until you aren’t looking, she redoes it in front of you. Next time you know better.

#24 All your ideas are “good.” There is always a “but” to follow. It is the “but” where the control lies.

#25 She goes to the barber with you to tell him how she likes your haircut. No more of those bad haircuts, or the way you like it. She’s the one that looks at you all the time.

#26 She invites herself along even when she is obviously not invited. She doesn’t even like fishing, but she’ll be damned if she isn’t front and center.

#27 If not invited, she just shows up unexpectedly to check on you. “Oh… I didn’t know you were going to be here.” Even when you know damn well she did.

#28 She makes you turn on your “location share” *Apple reference*. Tracking devices aren’t only useful—they are mandatory.

#29 She talks really slowly to you like you can’t comprehend. You’re not quick enough to keep up with superiority.

#30 All gifts and thank you cards come from you both. You guessed it… picked out by her.

There was a reason why you moved out of your house, you didn’t need your mommy anymore. The problem is that no one let your girlfriend know.

If you wake up one day and realize that your controlling girlfriend boxed you in so tight that you can barely breathe, tell her to back off or get lost. You can’t live by someone else’s rules forever.

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Why She Wants The Tall Guy ?!

Posted by on May 30, 2018 in Internet Marketing |

Why She Wants The Tall Guy ?!
before we start, check Diva the Low Maintenance link in the top right corner, to get the premium masterclass on fractionation, seduction and pick up lines for free via email.
This tall guy question is on a lot of guys’ minds. Why do girls like tall guys? If you’ve always wondered why, here are some reasons we’re drawn to height.
Firstly, not all girls like tall guys. There are girls out there who really tall man don’t care how tall someone is at all. However, tall guy it’s a pretty common knowledge that girls typically go for taller men. But why do girls like tall guys? What about tall man that specific feature makes them attractive?

You’ve probably seen memes all over the place highlighting the fact that girls prefer guys on dating sites and tall guy apps who list their height as being 6 foot or over. Even though this might seem a little ridiculous, there is an allure to guys who are on the taller side.

You should never base your attraction on a single trait

As much as girls like men who are on the taller side, it’s never the only characteristic they like. There are plenty tall guy more to the guys they choose to date. It just so tall man happens tall guys are a specific type that women like.

But that also means you shouldn’t determine who you date based on a single feature. If you like short girls, you shouldn’t automatically rule out girls who are above average height. Doing this is shallow and it severely limits the people you can actually date. And you never know. Someone who’s not tall guy your typical “type” might be really good for you!

Why do girls like tall guys?

If you’ve always wondered why girls seem to be drawn toward guys who are taller than them, we have some answers. This tall guy is why the majority of women like to date men who are at least a little bit taller than they are.

#1 It seems more masculine. This is obviously false, but it’s a reason women tend to prefer tall guys. A lot of girls look at a tall guy and think he’s more masculine. The taller the guy, the manlier he is.

That’s how it seems and that’s usually just a first impression women get. But girls who like really manly guys will be more likely to go for the taller men she sees. They equate their manliness with their height and it’s why they like taller guys.

#2 It makes them feel safe. Dating a taller guy makes girls feel super safe. If a guy is tall, he’s thought to be more able to protect a woman. He seems stronger and can wrap the girl in his arms and keep her safe.

This is desirable for women from an evolutionary standpoint, basically. Women always chose men who could protect the family and provide. Taller men did that job best and so women have evolved to find them more attractive.

#3 It makes them feel feminine. Most women just want to feel girly. By dating a tall guy, that feeling is accomplished. When we can feel petite, we feel more feminine. The more womanly we feel, the more confident we are, for the most part.

The isn’t true for all women, but it’s definitely a reason many look to date guys who are on the taller side. If you’re relatively short and want to make a woman feel this way, giving her compliments that make her feel sexy and feminine can work just as well.

#4 The media has kind of drilled it into their heads. Whenever you watch movies or see couples on TV or in a magazine, the guy is always taller. The only exception to this is when models pose with guys. And this is still misleading because the typical female model is as tall as the average height for men.

The point is that girls have always been taught that guys who are taller are better. We even are taught to desire guys who are tall enough to kiss our foreheads when we were little. It’s ingrained in our brains from society.

#5 Taller guys seem more confident. This isn’t always true but guys who are on the shorter end tend to have self-esteem issues because they’re not as tall. Since they know girls usually like taller guys, they feel bad about themselves.

Obviously, this isn’t true for all. Some short guys are super confident. The main idea here is that girls like confident men and when guys are taller, they tend to be a bit more self-confident.

#6 It’s hardwired into their DNA. This is for the same reasons guys like hips, big eyes, and a youthful appearance on women. We’ve evolved to prefer guys who are on the taller side, as it shows they’re more capable of providing.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean anything now. But it’s the way we’ve evolved. Back in the day, taller men were typically stronger. And the stronger they were, the more food they could bring home and the better they could provide and protect their family.

#7 They seem more powerful. We’re all attracted to power. By physically looking up to a guy, he seems like he holds more authority. This probably isn’t something we notice consciously but it does make a difference.

When someone has a powerful position or seems in charge, it’s more attractive. We’re naturally drawn to these types of people because they are often more confident, too. Anyone who seems powerful is desirable by women in most cases. It just so happens tall men seem more authoritative.

#8 They like being able to wear heels. Again, this isn’t everyone. Some girls don’t even like heels and for them, this doesn’t matter. But for those girls who are already a little taller and love heels, they’ll want to date taller guys.

This is mostly just because girls don’t want to be taller than their boyfriends. For many of the above reasons, girls want to feel shorter and smaller. And if they can also feel small while wearing heels, they prefer that over much else.

So why do girls like tall guys? Ultimately, it’s not necessarily true that women like guys who are tall as an average. Instead, they like guys who are a little taller than them, have confidence, and make them feel safe and secure.

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Signs That She Is Not A Diva (Low Maintenance)

Posted by on May 30, 2018 in Internet Marketing |

Signs That She Is Not A Diva (Low Maintenance)
before we start, check Diva the Low Maintenance link in the top right corner, to get the premium masterclass on fractionation, seduction and pick up lines for free via email.

A low maintenance girl is one who doesn’t take herself too seriously and doesn’t need much to be happy. If you find one, they are a good investment!
A low maintenance Diva girl is the exact opposite of a high maintenance girl. What’s the difference? The high maintenance girl needs full-on attention, lavish gifts and praise, and just about every part of your energy to be expended in her direction. The low maintenance girl is the anti-thesis.

A low maintenance Diva girl doesn’t need to take two hours to get ready, she figures you like the way she looks, or you don’t. She won’t require that you skip boy’s night because she needs you to be at her beck and Low Maintenance call. She isn’t someone who passes Diva you a “to-do” list a mile long.

30 things that tell you she is a low maintenance girl

If you’re tired of dating Diva someone who’s high maintenance, or believe high maintenance girls are just too much to handle, perhaps, you need to see the benefits of being around someone who’s low maintenance and easy.

So, how do you Low Maintenance spot the low maintenance girl? It isn’t easy because typically she is just as beautiful on the exterior. Often, you look at what is inside to see the amount of maintenance a girl needs. If you spot the traits and characteristics, you probably stand in the midst of someone Low Maintenance who needs very little from you to maintain herself.

#1 She is ready to go, like now!

#2 She isn’t into makeup, maybe when there’s a special occasion, but that is about it.

#3 She not Low Maintenance only lets you see her sweat, she encourages you to sweat along!

#4 She doesn’t have a separate closet for her shoes and accessories.

#5 Her purse consists of a cell phone with a back to hold her ID and credit card.

#6 She would rather hit the local dive bar than dressed up for a fancy dinner.

#7 She isn’t Low Maintenance overly concerned about what other people think of how she looks, so her outfits are usually comfy instead of stylish.

#8 She wears flip flops until her toes freeze in the winter and then switches to socks with flip flops.

#9 Her nails are typically au natural.

#10 Her nails are almost always short. Long finger nails just get in the way.

#11 She believes high heels are for suckers.

#12 Hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners aren’t necessary, the air does just as fine a job fixing her hair.

#13 On her birthday, she is okay with just a card from the heart. In fact, flowers are a waste of money, after all, they die too quickly.

#14 She drives a late model car that has no upgrades, and it still has a CD player if not an 8-track tape.

#15 If you text her, you text her… Hey, maybe you just got busy.

#16 When she has done something amazing, she rarely toots her own horn, or tells anyone. Feeling good about herself is enough.

#17 Getting dirty is not something she avoids, she seeks it out. Mountain climbing, mud runs, whatever adventures she can find, she is IN!

#18 She has pierced ears, but you have probably never see any earrings in them.

#19 She rolls out of bed and looks just as beautiful as a high maintenance girl who spends all day on getting ready.

#20 Her luggage doesn’t weigh as much as she does. It is usually just a duffle bag.

#21 She can laugh at her own expense.

#22 You won’t ever need to hold her purse at the mall. One, she doesn’t have a purse, two, she hates malls as much as you do.

#23 Whatever you make for dinner is totally fine by her. She isn’t inclined to just order a salad either.

#24 She isn’t constantly fishing for compliments from those around her.

#25 She won’t pick at you for every little thing you aren’t doing right. She appreciates the little things that you do.

#26 Selfies aren’t her thing.

#27 She fixes her own shit.

#28 She isn’t into the mantra of “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

#29 She isn’t a remote control hog, she’ll watch whatever you want.

#30 She has fun at a funeral. Okay, maybe not a funeral, but anywhere else.

It isn’t that a low maintenance girl isn’t sexy, hot, and completely desirable. It is just that she is so without any effort. Full of confidence and self-assuredness, the low maintenance girl doesn’t need constant attention, praise, or adoration to feel fulfilled. Instead, she finds those things from within.

A low maintenance girl is called such because you won’t find your days, nights, weekends, and holidays devoted to making her happy, attending to her every whim, or being afraid not to do what she says, when she says it.

So, if you can find a low maintenance girl, she is a rare commodity. Only concerned with having fun, the things that really matter in life, and being super chill, she makes an excellent best friend and bedmate.

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